Not for keeps


Like sand dripping through my fingers
I feel you leaving me, slipping through my clasp.
Holding on, is futile and senseless
The harder I grasp, the more I lose my grip.

You were not meant for my hands,
Nor were my hands made for you.
In my arms you do not belong,
A lonely stranger at my side.

Your smile is etched on the canvass of my memory
Your face carved in my heart of stone.
Your voice echoes in the valleys of my hollow heart
Your spirit flows through my tired veins.

Like sand fleeing my clenched fists
Like fading echoes in my heart
Like a bucking spirit through my veins
Your home lies over the horizon, beyond my reach.

As you go, I’m left with nothing
but your foot prints in my mind.
My orphaned heart will forever keep
The dreams we’ve shared for which we weep.



10 Tugon

  1. nothing really lasts forever
    the sooner we accept it, the better
    nothing’s really for keeps
    if we could accept it then we may not weep….

  2. aww. did you write this kuya selvo?

    this actually reminds me of only one poet who can capture human emotions so well with words: pablo neruda.

    *****opo i wrote those lines hehehe… ganun ba? luvs ko si neruda din eh :D*****

  3. huhuhuhu. penge nga ng kleenex.


  4. what a nice poem…. para kanino po ba iyan?

    *****buga lang ng damdamin, dighay ng kalooban hehehe*****

  5. maligayang pasko, dir selvi 😀 halika dito, bigyan kita ng big kiss and big hwag 😀

  6. hi selvi, manigong bagong taon!

  7. happy new year, josel! mabuhay ka, kasama. mwah!

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    WHERE: Starbucks, The Podium
    WHEN: February 24, 2008, 5-5:30PM
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  9. waa, ang tagal na pala nitong post mo. nung asa pinas pa kami 😀

    meri krismas dear selvi!

  10. Hi… ganda naman ng poem, nakakarelate ako 🙂
    napadaan lang po.. emo mode 😀

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