Josel E. Gonzales

Born on June 5, 1968 in Zamboanga City



Dad and Mom

to Ernestino A. Gonzales and Josefa L. Enriquez

brother to Reymond, Rolly and Bella



adee and xeddselvoadee

Daddy to Adee and Xedd


Fay Josel and Fay

Bubu to Fay




 an activist



and a dreamer



I am Josel Gonzales and this is my blog.


IM me@ YM id

E-mail me @ email



4 Tugon

  1. wowwwww…wafuuuu…

  2. 😀 la ko ma say cra keyboard ko hirap mag edit :)) congratz d2 😀

  3. Aba………… ngayun ko lang nabigyan ng pansin ang site ng fwend ko ahhhh!!!! Hmmmmmmmm pede, hehehehehe kya lang pede next tym nko magko coment antok nako eh hehehe my work pa tom.

  4. Ms. Q webeeeee. kumusta ka na ganda? lagi yata ikaw busy eh at panay park mo sa YM.

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